Feeling extravagant? The Demask sexy latex lingerie is a go to clothing line for the fetishist!

At Demask we focus on producing high quality latex lingerie for all woman to feel comfortable in.
You will find here elegant designs of lingerie that are setup in many different ways, think about the way the studs are implemented or with buckles, maybe without?
Here is a short summary of stunning latex lingerie clothing lines we have to offer:

- Suspender belt: The suspender belts are a hot item amongst our lingerie section. We offer the suspender belt with 6, 12 or 18 suspenders that go beautifully with your stockings. A wide variation of colors and styles are available.

- Criss cross corselet and girlde: Beautiful double color corselet, the criss cross series are easily styled with other Demask items for a stunning look.

- chain strap bra: For her latex desires we have something special, the chain strap bra! Show your dominative side with this latex bra.

- Cache sex, high waist panties: The cache sex is a pair of latex panties and a landmark in the latex lingerie, sexy and enables a strong look.

Take a look at our collection! All our latex lingerie is hand-tailored to ensure a perfect fit to your body measurements.