Take your heavy rubber experience to another level with the latex mask by Demask.

We, at Demask, take innovation in our world very serious. We work on groundbreaking latex fashion that is appealing to every country in the world, and the latex hoods fall right into the catagory of the "must have" items.
Latex hoods are important for both the male and female latex enthousiast, it makes or breaks an outfit.
There are many kinds of latex hoods, and we have every variant at Demask having a selection with over 27 beautiful, bizare, amazing leather or latex masks.

Our heavy rubber hoods and masks

- The Deluxe series are classic styled masks and a beautiful piece to any outfit. The Deluxe line is a serie of masks that focusses on elegance, the eyes in the mask are shaped like alien eyes with soft edges.

- Are you feeling adventurous? Do you want to go all the way? We have exactly that for you with the Blow up latex mask! Make a stunning appearance anywhere you go! You can decide, do you want your mask with out with our eyes? or maybe perforated eyeholes? Do take notice that some of the options on this latex mask are for experts, the breath controllers on certain blow-up hoods are for experienced users.

- For the subordinate we have something special, the one and only rubber doberman hood! An icon in the latex fashion world, recognizable at any get together.

Take a look at our collection! Any latex hood is custom made to ensure the highest standards possible. Production time may vary from a week to a month depending the ordered item.