An elegant latex corset by Demask, get your rubber corset now!

Meet the extremely popular latex corset for her. At Demask we focus on producing a large variety of beautiful corsets for any female body type.

We are proud producers of heavy rubber, known for its long live expectancy but jet femenine and strong features. The heavy rubbers corset is nothing less then a fine piece of art that illustrates and accentuate the fine touch of the female body.

You will find here unique designs of corsets that are setup in many different ways, think about the way the studs are implemented or with buckles, maybe without?
To help you find your latex corset we can help you on your way:

- The belt corset: this corset is a classic fashion statement, it's a corset that is worn around the waist. This corset is very easy to combine with many other latex clothes like the catsuit or with our latex hoods.

- The basque: The basque is a victorian styled fashion item, this is worn very tightly on the upper body. This can be combined with other latex clothes but also as a stand alone top piece.

- Neck Corset: As far as any latex corset goes, we have also created the neck corset. As the name of this fabulous piece already discribes, it is worn around the neck. The perfect piece of accessories to top off your outfit! This item comes in many unique forms and shapes.

- Waist Cincher: Last but not least, the waist cincher is a unique design. The difference is that the latex corset starts at the waist and can end at the waist or the upper chest. The waist cincher starts at the bottom and end at the waist and is worn like a pair of sexy underwair.

Take a look at our collection! Any latex corset and rubber corset is custom made to ensure the highest standards possible. Our rubber corset products and our entire Demask lines are 100% vegan, no chemicals are added to the latex clothes.