Demask accessories and gifts.

Are you looking for more? Then you have come to the right place, accessorize your outfit even more right here. A pair of fancy gauntlets? You have the freedom to select a large variety of options. But there is more, for the true kinklovers amongst us we have Anal beads or Pinwheels! All our products aim to please your needs, both for his and her latex desires.

An important part of the accessories and gifts are the cleaning products we offer. It is important for the longlivety of your Demask purchases that you clean your latex clothes well after use. Make sure to put your latex items in a hot tubb of water and remove any residue of talcum. To make the cleaning easier for you we would like to recommend you a couple of cleaning products.

- Wonderwash: this disinectant will help you clean your latex items after use, easy to apply and will do the job thoroughly.
- Perv-O-Shine: make your latex shine, this rubber polish is specifically made to make the latex item shine and keep it in a healthy condition.
- Rubber Rejuvenator: keeping your latex items flexible and in shape is the most important factor for its longlivity, the Rubber Rejuvenator will do just that.

Are you looking for a gift for your partner or friend?

The official Demask gift voucher is an perfect gift in any situation, your friend or partner will be pleasantly surprised!