A pioneer in the field of exclusive fetish wear and high quality latex clothing, Demask first opened its doors in the summer of 1990 on the Zeedijk located in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Under the leadership of Steve English the exclusive designs were manufactured in the tiny workshop in the basement and sold on the first floor of the shop.

Demask quickly developed into a unique supplier of high quality fetish wear, especially latex.The products proved themselves through their innovation and quality and soon become popular in the fetish scene satisfying a demand for the stylish items. Soon afterwards stores opened in Munich & Dortmund and it was not not long before the humble workshop couldn't keep up with the increasing demand of latex products and they moved to a larger location down the road and the Demask team grew in numbers.

Alongside the pioneering stores Demask also took the lead in the world of international fetish events and in collaboration with Skin Two hosted the first of many Europerve Parties at the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam in 1991. The backdrop of pink flamingoes was unforgettable. Demask also hosted the more regular and sleazy Kinky Club parties in the basement of an old warehouse in the Amsterdam docklands which became legendary.

In 2011 Steve decided to hand the reigns of Demask over to his business partner Anton and his wife Louva and retire to the French countryside.

You can read a full interview with Steve here: Steve English, 30 years on: the man who made DeMask