Silky Rubber Care

The surface is protected by our treatment, but the oxygen in the air can stillpentrate the surface and create a white oxydation: this means it will become greyand matt.

This is why it needs inner protection from silicone oil like every other latex! After you have used it a few times, spread some silicone oil milk on your things in a bucket or garbage bag and let it soak in. Afterwards, rinse it with clear water and let it dry thoroughly.

If you want a shine, apply a thin layer of silicone oil. Eros and Mr.B were very satisfactory in our experience.

Wash your things in a washing machine at 40 or 50 degrees or in the shower, using dishwasher detergent or a special latex detergent. Just put it in a tumble dryer for 5 minutes to dry. Towels or microfibre cloths will polish it during the drying. Using the delicates cycle will prevent light colours from yellowing. If you don't want to use a dryer, you can prevent water stains by rubbing the Silky Latex down with a dry towel before you hang it to dry.

Your things are stored best by turning them inside out and using breathable clothes bags (especially during summer).

Silky Latex will also be damaged by light, oils and deodorant.

You have to be completely dry when putting it on, otherwise it will not glide over your skin.

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